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Frequently Asked Questions

The licensed plumbers at RTP Plumbing have 15+ years of experience providing plumbing services for your
home and business. RTP Plumbing delivers quality work with professional service.
Taking steps in the warmer months to ensure your pipes don’t freeze in the winter is important. This includes proper insulation, repairing and sealing of your home, and installing further insulation and heating cables to pipes in the more exposed areas of your home (basements and attics in particular).

Make sure this is a priority before it gets cold outside to ensure the safety of your building’s plumbing! Contact us now for further information and assistance with your plumbing needs.
Typically when your toilet begins making more noise than usual when you flush it, this indicates water flow to the toilet is being restricted somehow. One of the common causes for this is the ballock assembly in your toilet is broken, if this is the case it is a simple matter of replacing the entire assembly in the toilet.

If you notice your toilet has become louder, don’t hesitate to call us and one of our technicians will be more than happy to help you with the required repairs!
On April 1st 2020, water prices in Ottawa increased by 5% so this may be the reason for your higher water costs. If you are noticing increased costs higher than 5% more recently, this is an indicator that you have a leak in your plumbing somewhere. This is a serious problem, so make sure to act quickly once you determine this is the probable cause of your higher than usual water bill!

Our team here at RTP Plumbing are trained professionals, and have the equipment required to locate the leak and repair it in a timely manner, preventing as much damage as possible. Call us today to get started!
Many of the plumbing fixtures in your home will be using the same water supply. For example, when you are running the shower and someone flushes the toilet in the bathroom, this will direct less cold water to the shower and more towards the toilet temporarily since they are using the same water line. Once the toilet stops running, the temperature in the shower will return to its previously regulated temperature.

If your plumbing system isn’t functioning properly and water is regulating itself without any interference, contact us and we will have one of our professionals help you fix it!
It is not normal for your pipes to be noisy. One of the common causes for noisy pipes is the pipes are obstructed. This should be investigated by a professional immediately to avoid a complete blockage in your pipes, or even having pipes burst.

Contact us today if you have any concerns about the increased volume of the pipes in your home.
There are a few reasons your toilet is constantly running:
• The flapper needs to be replaced
• The height of the float valve needs to be adjusted
• The chain in the toilet needs to be shortened

These are all easy enough fixes, however if none of the above suggestions stop your toilet from running contact one of our experts for further assistance.
Drainage problems are typically an indicator of a clog in your plumbing system. It could also be roots in your plumbing system or even sewer backup! This can resolve itself in some cases.

Keep a close eye on this, if it persists for a while without resolving itself it is time to contact a professional for help!
In case of an emergency that requires the water in your home to be temporarily shut off, the water valve will be located near the water meter for your building. This is typically on the wall closest to the road in the basement!

Contact us today for any plumbing emergencies, and our team of professionals will be there to help you 24/7!